Show Highlights… Wednesday, July 11

Show Highlights… Wednesday, July 11

Do you read nutrition labels? (poll)… A woman trades sex for car repairs and her husband catches both wife and repairman dead… The less attractive you are, the bigger engagement ring (study)…

Contests on the show…

Comstock Rock tickets
6:20am Wake Up Call (Pump & Pantry coffee and donut)
7:20am Say What?! (Amigos)
8:20am Survey Says (Raising Canes + Kearney Cinema 8)
9:30am Club KQ (Hastings Sodbusters)

Interviews on the show…

9:10am Buffalo County Fair

Poll of the day…

A woman trades sex for car repairs… and her husband find her and the mechanic dead in the garage from carbon monoxide poisoning…

We can’t even imagine the one-two nightmare punch of simultaneously finding your wife was cheating on you AND finding out she’s dead.

A guy in Newark, New Jersey got home on Monday and he found his 39-year-old wife DEAD in the garage… with their 56-year-old mechanic.

It turns out she’d offered to pay the guy for his repair work with SEX… but they did it in the garage with the car running, so they both died of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Yikes.

The cops are investigating, but they say it looks like one giant, tragic accident.

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The less attractive you are, the bigger an engagement ring you need to buy…

Well this doesn’t seem fair at ALL.

According to a new study, the UGLIER a guy is, the more he’s expected to spend on an engagement ring.  In other words, if you’re super handsome, you can buy a tiny diamond.  If you’re a Goblin, you need a diamond the size of a golf ball.

But… maybe guys don’t mind.  Because the study also found that the more attractive a guy found his girlfriend, the more he was willing to spend on the ring.  None of this is life affirming at all.

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Say What?! Win Amigos!

I want something else

To get me through this

Semi-charmed kind of life

I want something else

I’m not listening when you say


Answer: “Semi-Charmed Life” Third Eyed Blind

Survey Says… Win Raising Canes + Kearney Cinema 8!

According to a new survey, 69% of people said they do THIS to be an active part of their community.

Answer: Be friendly with your neighbors

More results:

  1. Be friendly with your neighbors, 69%
  2. Support local businesses, 54%
  3. Don’t cause trouble, 50%
  4. Volunteer or donate to charity, 44%
  5. Regularly help people out, 44%
  6. Get involved in local projects or charities, 38%
  7. Help the homeless, 34%
  8. Volunteer at a school or with clubs, 32%
  9. Be part of the neighborhood watch, 29%
  10. Coach a kids’ sports team, 13%

The Moore Yoou Knoow!

Random facts to feed your brain…

  1. Chimpanzees have cleaner beds than humans. They build new nests every day… so to keep up, we’d need to change our sheets every day.
  1. Albert Einstein once said that the Theory of Relativity was his best idea… but his second-best was adding in eggs while he cooked soup to make soft-boiled eggs without having to wash an extra pot.
  1. There were 27 letters in the English alphabet in the early 1800s… the extra letter was the ampersand. It came after Z, and it was pronounced “and”… but it was dropped from the alphabet before the end of the century
  1. John Lennon took a five-year break from writing music after his son was born in 1975, but he was inspired to get back in the game the first time he heard… “Rock Lobster” by The B-52’s. He just loved how it sounded
  1. The record for the most points by a pair of brothers in the NHL is 2,861… Wayne Gretzky scored 2,857, and his brother Brent Gretzky scored four.