Reido Vlog on Naps

A new survey has been released on the best ways to take a nap and the weirdest places people have done so. I like to squeeze one in at lunch time. 18-20 minutes is all. Any longer then you get into Deep Sleep and feel groggy when you wake up. So I keep mine short!

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Reido Blog Australian Football Biggest Hits!

With the College Football and NFL Season getting started the football code in Australia (ok one of them- there are two codes of Rugby and Soccer too) season is about over with the finals underway and my two fav teams Richmond Tigers and the West Coast Eagles could possibly meet in the Grand Final. So…read more »


Reido Vlog on US Military Method on falling asleep quickly

The U.S. Military’s Method for Falling Asleep in Two Minutes HIGHLIGHTS: The U.S. military came up with a method years ago that supposedly helps you fall asleep in two minutes. Basically, you relax different parts of your body one at a time. Then you picture yourself in a calm location. And in your head, repeat…read more »


Reidos Blog – This tune reduces Anxiety

We relax is different ways and for many of us music is a source for us to reduce anxiety. Researchers and neuroscientists from MindLab in the UK determined through research and analysis that the piece of music in the video below had a 65% chance of reducing anxiety. Marconi Union “Weightless” scored the highest through…read more »


Reido Vlog The 8 Best Dollar Menu Items

Thrill List has come up with the 8 best Items on Fast Food Dollar Menus. It is amazing that these restaurants can make money on something so cheap. Either the profit margin is a few cents or are treated as a loss leader. Watch my Vlog and see if your agree on the Top 8…read more »


The $21,000 First Class Plane Seat

Having flown a few times over the years I have only done Business Class once and that was an upgrade. The odds are I won’t do 1st Class especially on a long haul flight say USA to Australia the home country. I would have a hard time justifying a $21,000 plane seat purchase then sleep…read more »


How much we spend treating Yo self

A new study has come up with a dollar amount when it comes to treating ourselves in a lifetime. Of course this is an average and some will spend way less and some probably could spend this in a week. How much…..check out the vid! Tweets by @ReidoHits106read more »