Reido Vlog on Naps

A new survey has been released on the best ways to take a nap and the weirdest places people have done so. I like to squeeze one in at lunch time. 18-20 minutes is all. Any longer then you get into Deep Sleep and feel groggy when you wake up. So I keep mine short!

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Reidos Vlog Good time to clean out your Fridge

With the holidays quickly approaching it is a good time to clean out your fridge and remove old times that will never be consumed. A recent Reddit survey asked people the oddest and oldest item they have found in their fridge…..here in my Vlog along with Ryan we go over those weird items found in…read more »


10 Ways we crack our Phone Screens!

A new survey says that 12% of us are using a phone with a cracked screen. That seems a little low…but with all the ways to protect phones anymore….probably about right. I could not use a phone without a case….too slippery. Here are the top 10 ways we crack our phone screens. Tweets by @ReidoHits106read more »


How much will we spend on Smartphones in Our Lifetime

We are addicted to our Smartphones….probably not a good thing, however, for many our business could not be done if we did not have this ever present digital device. A new study has now given us an idea on how much we would spend on a Smartphone over a lifetime based on 60 years…I guess…read more »


First Man Movie Review

It was July 21st 1969 at around midday I sat in front of a black and white TV watching one of the greatest achievements of mankind, the first step of a human on the surface of the moon. I was one of the many millions around the globe watching this moment in history. I was in…read more »


Reidos Blog – Roadtrip to Abilene Kansas

I took a couple of days of this week and decided to head south to Abilene Kansas to visit President Eisenhower’s Library in his boyhood hometown. After visiting the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley California in July this year I marked this one on my list to do since it was a days…read more »


The Worlds New Longest Flight

I like flying….wish I could do it more. I have flown some long non-stop flights in my day none longer than the Dallas – Sydney flight. Recently Qantas started flying Perth Western Australia to London some 9,000 miles and some 16-17 hours in the air. Now Singapore Airlines is relaunching the Newark/New York to Singapore…read more »