Suspect in Kearney robbery and high speed chase arrested in Grand Island

Suspect in Kearney robbery and high speed chase arrested in Grand Island

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. – Kearney Police Department released an update on Thursday’s Robbery:

“So far during the course of our investigation, it appears the robbery yesterday in the 4000 Block of I Avenue was a crime of opportunity.
The Kearney Police Department would like to remind citizens to beware of suspicious people in their neighborhoods and to watch out for one another. Try to address strangers at your door through a locked door.

You may also look into security items such as doorbell cameras or other such home security devices. Open garage doors, day or night, invite criminal activity. Please be aware that no matter the time of day or where you live, there are criminals looking to take advantage of these types of opportunities.

It is sad, but these are the times we live in at the moment. Be safe, lookout for your neighbors and call us whenever you see something suspicious.”

At 7:55 a.m., on Jun 14, Kearney Police Department was called to 4020 avenue I to investigate an assault and theft. This was later upgraded to a robbery.

Kearney Police Department reports that a 66-year-old female had reported an unknown Hispanic knocking at her door, carrying out a short conversation with her, and then proceeded to force his way into her home when he grabbed her throat and pushed her against a wall. The victim’s purse was stolen after she was knocked to the floor.

The suspect, identified as 20-year-old Christian M. Alvarez of Grand Island, left the victim’s residence in a silver BMW convertible. Alvarez’s vehicle was spotted by the Shelton Police Department and a traffic stop was initiated. Alvarez ignored this stop and proceeded to accelerate away heading East on highway 30, reaching up to speeds near 100 mph.

The convertible was then spotted in Grand Island, where Alvarez ditched the vehicle and tried to escape on foot. A reporter of KSNB local 4 news stated that police dogs were able to take down and secure the suspect near her home.

Alvarez was taken into custody in Grand Island. Kearney Police Department plans to pursue an arrest warrant for third degree assault and robbery.

The Grand Island police department, Hall County Sheriff’s office, and Nebraska State Patrol were involved in the arrest.