Reidos Vlog – Apparently we are getting Dumber

According to a new study, people keep on getting DUMBER. The researchers found that the average IQ of every generation is about seven points lower than the previous generation, and they believe it’s because of worse education . . . worse nutrition . . . and more and more exposure to media.





REido Vlog Are we getting Dumber

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The Worlds New Longest Flight

I like flying….wish I could do it more. I have flown some long non-stop flights in my day none longer than the Dallas – Sydney flight. Recently Qantas started flying Perth Western Australia to London some 9,000 miles and some 16-17 hours in the air. Now Singapore Airlines is relaunching the Newark/New York to Singapore…read more »


The World’s Biggest Waves

As you know I am fascinated with anything pertaining to Geography which has led to my contest at 4:30pm weekdays….”Know Your Geo with Reido!” The ocean is one of those fascinating wonders and especially waves which can make us look almighty small. Here are some of the biggest waves caught on video! Tweets by @ReidoHits106read more »


Reido Blog Australian Football Biggest Hits!

With the College Football and NFL Season getting started the football code in Australia (ok one of them- there are two codes of Rugby and Soccer too) season is about over with the finals underway and my two fav teams Richmond Tigers and the West Coast Eagles could possibly meet in the Grand Final. So…read more »


Reido Vlog on US Military Method on falling asleep quickly

The U.S. Military’s Method for Falling Asleep in Two Minutes HIGHLIGHTS: The U.S. military came up with a method years ago that supposedly helps you fall asleep in two minutes. Basically, you relax different parts of your body one at a time. Then you picture yourself in a calm location. And in your head, repeat…read more »


Reidos Blog – This tune reduces Anxiety

We relax is different ways and for many of us music is a source for us to reduce anxiety. Researchers and neuroscientists from MindLab in the UK determined through research and analysis that the piece of music in the video below had a 65% chance of reducing anxiety. Marconi Union “Weightless” scored the highest through…read more »