Dad Bods Rule according to Women

A new survey says that Women would prefer to marry Men with “Dad Bods!” I jump into the reasons why! Good news for all Men!!!

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Reidos Vlog – Apparently we are getting Dumber

According to a new study, people keep on getting DUMBER. The researchers found that the average IQ of every generation is about seven points lower than the previous generation, and they believe it’s because of worse education . . . worse nutrition . . . and more and more exposure to media.   .  …read more »

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Aussie Rules Football

This is part of the year I like. Halfway through the Australian Rules Football Season. I got to watch a game last year during my visit to Adelaide South Australia where the Adelaide Crows played the Geelong Cats. Last year’s Champions Richmond tigers are a team I have followed since I was 8 and they…read more »

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Reidos Blog – Yosemite in 4K

Here is another Summer Roadtrip Bucket List Venture – Yosemite National Park. Although it would be so cool to have the park all to yourself without the hoards of peeps. That being an impossibility finding the right time to visit and check out all the amazing vistas and forests would be an awesome detachment from…read more »

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Reidos Random Blog – Killer Surfer Wave Dude!

I am originally from Australia where surfing is a big sport….even though I didn’t participate in it I like watching surfing especially the big waves! Just this week it was announced that surfer Rodrigo Koxa surfered a “Totally Narly” (had to put that in) wave back in November. It was finally ratified at 24.4 meters…read more »

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Infinity Wars – What You need to know Refresher Video

The BIGGEST Super hero movie Avengers: Infinity War opens on Friday around the globe and at Kearney Cinema 8 and there is a lot to know. Considering this movie’s story line began back in 2008 when Nick Fury told Ironman about the Avengers initiative there has been a lot happening here since and a little…read more »


Reido Video Blog on Old Age!!

According to a new survey the average people begin to feel old is 41 and it fully develops at 57! Really….so here are the top reasons why we feel we are getting old! Reido Video Blog on Old Age! Tweets by @ReidoHits106read more »