Dad Bods Rule according to Women

A new survey says that Women would prefer to marry Men with “Dad Bods!” I jump into the reasons why! Good news for all Men!!!

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Reido Vlog 5 Things on work desk that are Unprofessional

gs your desk messy? Bunch of coffee cups or a number of toys and sticky notes scattered about! These things may make you look unprofessional according to senior management. So listen up for the 5 things that may make you look unprofessional! Tweets by @ReidoHits106read more »


Reidos Blog – Porch Pirates get punked with Glitter

This is a video too good not to share. This is from Mark Rober an American Engineer who has designed many a gadget and has a You Tube Channel to subscribe too. What he did here to get back a Porch Pirates people who steal delivered packages from peoples front porch is plain brilliant. Nothing…read more »


Reido Vlog Top 10 Ways We Embarrass our Kids

Yes that is right Parents embarrassing their children….it is our God Given Right as we are passing it down right! A new Survey result provided by YouGov asks children between 8 and 17 the top ways parents embarrass their kids! I have them for you….and I would say I have done most of these! Yes!…read more »


Reido Blog Free Solo the Movie

No this isn’t a Star Wars spin off, but a documentary on mountain or cliff climber Alex Honnold free soloing Yosemite’s El Capitan the 3,000 ft cliff face at the famed National Park. Free soloing means without ropes period, so one false move and Alex plunges to a likely death. Honnold is a climbing beast…read more »


Reidos Vlog Good time to clean out your Fridge

With the holidays quickly approaching it is a good time to clean out your fridge and remove old times that will never be consumed. A recent Reddit survey asked people the oddest and oldest item they have found in their fridge…..here in my Vlog along with Ryan we go over those weird items found in…read more »